Welcome to the live streaming program of A MAZE. / Berlin 2021 - Hyper Hybrid- 10th International Games and Playful Media Festival. 3.5 days of hand selected sessions for everyone who loves an inclusive, respectful and meaningful future for games, playful media and their creators. You can follow our festival program live on our A MAZE. / Berlin website, the A MAZE. YouTube channel, in the A MAZE. SPACE and on our Festival Discord. Get your festival tickets here

All links will get communicated here and on our festival website. #AMaze2021

Schedule not final, there are still  sessions added in the coming days.
avatar for Adelle Lin (US)

Adelle Lin (US)

Code Liberation Foundation
avatar for Anya Combs (US)

Anya Combs (US)

avatar for Bobbi A Sand

Bobbi A Sand

avatar for Corina Diaz (CA)

Corina Diaz (CA)

Mighty Yell
avatar for Dhruv Jani

Dhruv Jani

avatar for Dis Fig

Dis Fig

avatar for Glen Henry (JM)

Glen Henry (JM)

avatar for Ina Göring

Ina Göring

game – the German Games Industry Association
Director of Membership and Funding
avatar for Jedidiah Siah (SG)

Jedidiah Siah (SG)

Sagakaya Collective
avatar for Jewell Koh (SG)

Jewell Koh (SG)

Sagakaya Collective
avatar for Joscha Neumann (DE)

Joscha Neumann (DE)

Komische Oper Berlin
avatar for Maize Wallin (AU)

Maize Wallin (AU)

Freelance Audio Generalist
avatar for Michael Liebe

Michael Liebe

Outreach Games Europe
avatar for Oda Tilset

Oda Tilset

NokNok Audio
Co-Owner, Sound Designer & Composer
avatar for Ondrej Paška (CZ)

Ondrej Paška (CZ)

Charles Games

Rick Treweek

Made by Eden
aka Metarick
avatar for Sophia Donderer

Sophia Donderer

Studio Fizbin
avatar for Tosca Teran

Tosca Teran

Mycelium wrangler
avatar for Zuraida Buter (NL)

Zuraida Buter (NL)

zo-ii / Playful Arts Festival / A MAZE.